Barley hill

Barley hill, just behind the large building
Barley hill, just behind the large building

Where is it? In the middle of Barley Village, Lancashire:

How high is it?: Roughly 968′ or 295 metres.

In what area of outstanding natural beauty or national park?: Forest of Bowland / Forest of Pendle.

Here is the enigma that is Barley hill, a hill that upon arrival at the lovely village of Barley one simply cannot miss, yet it is hardly ever photographed! A Google search on “Barley Hill” results in many, many photographs of …Pendle Hill, its’ more illustrious and infamous neighbour .  Barley hill is somewhat mound-shaped. It’s a perfect little sheep-clad example of the type of hills one’s mind  conjures up images of when thinking of walks in the Mendips, the Cotswolds or other lower altitude areas of England. Most of the hill is not C.R.O.W. accessible but as hardly anyone ever recants their tales of walks over this sub 1,000′ lump that maybe down to the fact that nobody has bothered whatever human inhabitants reside atop the hill.

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