The Forest of Pendle

There is pretty much no web content available regarding this ancient hunting ground, Pendle web content generally falls into one of a few bands:

  1. The Pendle Witches.
  2. Pendle Hill.
  3. Nick Of Pendle.

And that’s it! From what I can glean the ancient Forest of Pendle – and by “forest” we can forget trees and think more of an huge estate, spread over the following towns and villages:

  • Clitheroe
  • Barley
  • Downham
  • Roughlee
  • Newchurch
  • Sabden
  • Higham
  • Fence
  • Barnoldswick
  • Barrowford
  • Blacko
  • Bracewell
  • Brierfield
  • Colne
  • Cottontree
  • Earby
  • Foulridge
  • Kelbrook
  • Nelson
  • Reedley
  • Salterforth
  • Sough
  • Trawden
  • West Craven
  • Winewall
  • Wycoller

Being someone that on average visits Pendle five times per year I am shocked to see the size of it. I wish I had a map and hopefully one day will. Some of the villages I have never heard of before, others like Barley and Newchurch are like old friends and both totally charming beyond my ability to express.

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