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On any bank holiday or almost any sunday if you were to ascend your town’s nearest ‘Big hill’ you would probably see over the course of a few hours a couple of hundred people all attempting to climb or descending the same hill.

It’s somehow ingrained in the majority of us to simply get out there and walk up the slopes of Britain, we’ve been doing it since at least the Victorian times and I would hazard a guess long time before that. This web site will chart and recant my adventures of such walks.

Now, I could have stopped at one page – Winter Hill, that would technically have been my local “Big Hill” apart from these factors:

  • I no longer live in Bolton – so it isn’t local anymore.
  • I don’t have any photographs of it because I never took any when I did walk up it.
  • There already is a wiki page dedicated to Winter Hill here and I think that is enough of a presence already!

Pretty good reasons for me to expand the parameters don’t you think? So, as an alternative I have decided that whenever I do ascend a fell, hill or mountain then I will record it on here with a bit of a write-up on how we got up it, what the views were like and any other relevant (or irrelevant!) information.

As we all know, there are a lot of fells, hills and mountains out there so I am confining this to just England, it was initially to be just northern England but then I did “The Wrekin” – in Shropshire and had to expand my coverage. The only problematic area is one of my memory, if this is to be a fun thing, or at least not a task then I have to remember when I have done a walk and where it was.

Please bear in mind that these are generally my opinions, if you happen to think that the views from Loughrigg are barely worth the climb up the fell then that is your opinion. It would be miraculous if we all agreed on everything – actually it would be quite boring, but I am not offering a feedback on my opinions. I may one day add a forum for people to share ideas and information, but this would always be open to hacking, physhing and all manner of adverts for things that I don’t want in my life.

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