The seemingly gentle slope of Parlick
The seemingly gentle slope of Parlick
Where is it? Chipping

In which area of outstanding natural beauty? The Forest of Bowland

How tall is it? 1,414 feet (approx)

Write Up
If Fair Snape Fell is the King of the Bleasdale Fells, then Parlick simply has to be the Queen!

Few fells, hills or mountains look equally attractive from all sides. Grasmoor for example, appears quite stunning from the west but from all other angles one could shrug one’s shoulders and walk on by.

Parlick is a welcome exception. Parlick’s graceful rounded curves give the impression of a sweeping cone, yet on closer examination this particular hill has many interesting fissures and gulleys. There are two very obvious routes from which to ascend Parlick, the sensible one from Fair Snape Fell via Blindhurst Fell ( a fell of no discernible height and with no particular summit) and the other one, attacking the southern aspect of the hill from Fell Foot – you would have to have been out in the sun for too long or have some kind of hero complex to do this!

Whilst in itself Parlick is a beautiful hill that offers stunning views of the southern Bowland Hills of Pendle Hill and Longridge Fell (the latter of which appears deceptively close), here is a place that men come to and don’t leave an unsightly mess behind and are as green-inclined as possible. .

There is one section of Parlick which needs ascending and upon first encounter this can be something of a shock. At the very bottom of the hill is a section that is probably on a ratio of 1:2 and is reminiscent of Ingleborough’s “Wall”. Fortunately, this is only roughly half the height of the former and a few minutes struggle should see a person of reasonable fitness to the top and on to the oddest summit cairn that I have ever seen, looking somewhat like a giant barbecue pit!

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