I’m not the Walking Englishman!

Mike Brocklehurst’s web site is fantastic, a treasure trove of routes and descriptions and must be easily the most visited U.K. walking-related web site on the internet. His routes are widely used and comprehensive. That’s his hook.

I am way too lazy to even begin to try to copy or emulate Mike’s wonderful site. My site is more about the experience of walking, about the idiosyncrasies that we are all burdened with whilst walking and the general feel of each walk – the personal experience. That’s my hook.

So, this page (it will end up being more than one) is being set up with a mission – to temporarily step into Mike’s boots, for a reason: Because I like doing LDWA challenge walks but the routes are so hard to come by. Why is it that in this modern day the LDWA cannot put each challenge event route on their site – which is funded by our memberships after all? Grrr I don’t want to get political, so I am going to do my own. I’m not good at mapping things, literally then yeah I can paint a verbal picture of where I’ve been and the things I’ve seen…these make the worst kind of map for someone to follow, “walk 200 hundred yards passed where the phone box used to be, a left then after 63 yards take the third right ignoring the fourth and second!” – It’s cobblers and only assists in getting one lost quicker. If we were touting for business for Mountain Rescue then that would be superb, but they are busy enough without my assistance!

Bear with me folks, plotting maps is not something which I take to naturally, the software for someone at my level (shout at it until you get fed up!) is essentially point and click (then swear because an advert just made something move), but I do intend to try at least to map The Anglezarke Amble, The Peelers’ Hike and The Two Crosses. There are already good versions of the Yorkshire Three Peaks – but when I do this again I’ll probably do one for that also. So stick with me folks, I’m on a mission.

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