Saddle Fell

Saddle Fell
Saddle Fell

Where is it? Chipping

In which area of outstanding natural beauty? The Forest of Bowland

How tall is it? 1,542 feet (approx)

Write Up

Some hills stand out because of their natural beauty, some for their lofty altitude, some have a dynamic profile and yet others for the trechary of their ascent!

Saddle Fell has not been described anywhere in the previous sentance! Saddle fell is something of a long hard slog of a fell that is not steep enough to be in the same league as the Whernsides and The Wrekins, but is altogether tougher than the Latriggs and Beacon Fells. The path although fairly prominent in the first instance becomes vauge then fades to nothing before coming back and splitting just in time to make one wonder ‘which fork should I take?’.

Saddle Fell has a peculiarity that is shares with its brother Wolf Fell in that you have to be quite some distance away from it from which to observe its outline, being flanked by both the mighty Fair Snape on one side and Burnslack on the other, the definition of fell boundaries in this area is somewhat foggy at best.

Greenough Clough
The delightful Greenough Clough
Even the position of Saddle Fell’s cairn is unusual in that it is three quarters of the way up the hill and not at the heighest point at all. Even on a calm day the wind fairly gusts up Saddle Fell making this particular fell read like somewhere that you just wouldn’t want to be! Yet the views of the delightful Greenlough Clough, neighbours Parlick and further afield both Pendle Hill and Longridge Fell more than compensate for the fells apparent lack of charm and properties.

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