Last week’s walk: Beacon Fell

We never did get to Tockholes to do the Cartridge Hill massif – that is a wild and lonely walk that we really will have to get to later on in the year when there is no threat of rain and it hasn’t rained for a good four or five days.

Instead it was a perfect day for a lovely ramble around the perimeter and summit of Beacon Fell near Garstang and Chipping. The ever-present haze meant that only very close views were available from the fantastic vantage point on the summit – with Parlick looking oddly larger than normal hmm…Anyway it was a good way to spend about an hour casually strolling up the very small hill and you just can’t fault an hill that has a café and visitor centre at it’s base 🙂

With the benefit of hindsight it was perhaps a good thing that we didn’t go to Tockholes to do the Cartridge hill assault the weather forecast for the area was not good and my overall level of fitness has rapidly declined after the cold that I had recently – those hills in the West Pennines are not tall or for that matter steep but the terrain really can be rough!

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