Three Climbs at Pendle

With regards to my favourite hill in all the world, there are a lot of routes. This walk dear reader takes us past most of them in an epic tour de force of Pendle at its finest.

  1. Barley Green to Stang Top Moor

    This is the easiest part of the route (shame!) as we gently wander through the woods next to the main road with White Hough Water on our right hand side. Everything is serene, peaceful, easy. We pass through the tiny hamlet of Whitehough, it’s picturesque but…I’ll leave that one to you. Eventually a left hand turn beckons, this is the short climb up to a sheep filled sloping field. Keep looking to your left, the curious sheep are pretty skittish here so if one gets overly curious just cough out loud. Within a matter of a few minutes the ordnance survey column atop Stang Top Moor should come into view. congratulations, this is one of the rarer bagged peaks of the Forest of Bowland.

  2. Stang Top to Pendle House

    Rejoin the path heading roughly north east and at the huge gate turn left. This walk features quite a lot of road walking which begins here as we gradually lose height walking down towards a t-junction. Turn left on to Black Moss Road. Keep on walking and descending until the second public footpath sign on your left and take this. We’re heading directly for the Upper Black Moss reservoir. Actually you’ll come within spitting distance of the lower one too as we take the road which separates them. Here the maps get a bit confused as not all of the paths are displayed. Essentially we want to go west for a hundred yards (app) then north for the same distance which should take us to Salt Pie farm – it’s roughly parallel to the northern shore of the Upper Black Moss reservoir. Turn left. Follow the rather indistinct path up the slope towards more farms. At the second farm on the right tackle the stile and then head north west across the contoured field. You need to aim for a wall stile

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