The Pendle Way

For some time now I have been thinking about doing one of those confounded LDPs – “an LD what?” I hear you scream. LDP stands for Long Distance Path and there are probably over a hundred of them all over the U.K. and they are usually called ‘The “Something” Way’. The famous ones which spring to mind are The Pennine Way, The Dales Way and The Cotswold Way…and the Coast to Coast (or C2C) put together by the late Mister Wainwright! Anyway, I have been thinking about doing some as believe it or not some can be done in a week and a few others can be done in a day – “The Anglezarke Amble” at 21 miles and “The Anglezarke Anguish” at 20 miles. These two do sound doable but it has to be said that 20 miles in one day is a bit of a slog! There are another few that I might want to try if I ever got the time: The Bolton Rotary Way at 50miles – definitely not a one-day event, The Witton Weavers Way (33 miles) and the Ribble Way which is 65 miles. All of the above could be done in just a couple or three days by pretty much anyone that can walk and doesn’t mind being on their own for a while. And, at some point in the future I will get around to starting one of them off.

In the interim however is one at 45 miles that I know can be broken down into easily manageable sections and it plays right into my favourite area – The Pendle Way! The Pendle website from where I have copied all of the information below has split the walk down into eight walks that could be done in eight days. However – as that would mean eight visits to Pendle – not in itself a bad thing, but a bit expensive so what I have decided to do is to split this into four days out – not all at once I hasten to add as that also would be a bit decadent! Put simply I shall just add walks one and two together, then the next time three and four..etc

Section 1 – Barrowford to Barnoldswick. A walk of contrasts from gentle riverside paths around Watermeetings to the breezy moorland of Weets Hill with outstanding views into the town of Barnoldswick. Distance = 7.0 Miles.




Section 2 – Barnoldswick to Earby. Industrial archeology alongside the Leeds and Liverpool Canal quickly gives way to undulating limestone hills with two ancient churches to explore. Distance = 5.5 Miles.




Section 3 – Earby to Laneshaw Bridge. This walk skirts the looming bulk of Kelbrook Moor and follows Pendle’s earliest turnpike road to enjoy fine views from Knarrs Hill. Distance = 7.0 Miles.




Section 4 – Laneshaw Bridge, Wycoller and Coldwell Inn. Discover the village of Wycoller with its ancient bridges and ruined hall which inspired Charlotte Brontë for her novel ‘Jane Eyre’. Distance = 6.5 Miles.




Section 5 – Coldwell Inn to Reedley. From the windswept reservoirs at Coldwell the Way leads down towards the traditional northern terraced streets of Nelson and Brierfield, once the heartland of Lancashire’s cotton industry. Distance = 4.5 Miles.




Section 6 – Reedley, Higham and Newchurch. Explore the ancient hunting Forest of Pendle on a walk rich in connections with the Pendle Witches of 1612. Distance = 6.0 Miles.




Section 7 – Newchurch, Pendle Hill and Barley. The immense presence of Pendle Hill has drawn people for centuries as a place of mystery and pilgrimage. The summit offers outstanding views over this wild and beautiful corner of Lancashire. Distance = 5.0 Miles.



Section 8 – Barley to Barrowford. Ancient field tracks lead to a 17th century hall in the village of Roughlee which has associations with the gentlewoman Alice Nutter – the most enigmatic of the Pendle Witches of 1612. Distance = 3.5 Miles.

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