The North Pennines Mountains

  1. Cross Fell 893m (2931ft)
  2. Great Dun Fell 848m (2783ft)
  3. Little Dun Fell 842m (2763ft)
  4. Knock Fell 794m (2606ft)
  5. Mickle Fell 788m (2586ft)
  6. Meldon Hill 767m (2517ft)
  7. Little Fell (Burton Fell) 748m (2455ft)
  8. Burnhope Seat 747m (2452ft)
  9. Dead Stones 710m (2330ft)
  10. Melmerby Fell 709m (2327ft)
  11. Great Stony Hill 708m (2324ft)
  12. Chapelfell Top 703m (2307ft)
  13. Round Hill (Tyne Head) 686m (2251ft)
  14. Westernhope Moor 675m (2215ft)
  15. Murton Fell 675m (2215ft)
  16. Killhope Law 673m (2209ft)
  17. Black Fell (Haresceugh Fell) 664m (2179ft)
  18. Grey Nag 656m (2153ft)
  19. Three Pikes 651m (2137ft)
  20. Viewing Hill 649m (2130ft)
  21. Cold Fell Pike (Geltsdale) 621m (2038ft)
  22. Bink Moss 619m (2032ft)
  23. The Dodd 614m (2015ft)
  24. Flinty Fell 614m (2015ft)
  25. Middlehope Moor 612m (2009ft)
  26. Renwick Fell (Thack Moor) 610m (2000ft)

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