Where it it? Near to the districts of Patterdale, Glenriding and Wythburn Cumbria
In which area of outstanding natural beauty? The English Eastern Lakes
How high is it?: 3,116′ or 950 metres

Helvellyn is the third highest mountain in England and is probably the one to which most people return time and time again. This giant is certainly something of a people magnet and there are probably as many walkers that ascend this mountain as there are whom ascend the glory-hunting summit of Scafell Pike. The late great Alfred Wainwright detailed fourteen different routes up this “gentle giant” such is its girth yet herein lies one of life’s little quirks, in order to see a whole face of Helvellyn, an entire flank or aspect; one has to be quite some distance away or in an equally elevated position oneself as this mountain is the centrepiece (or close to it) of a fairly huge range of mountains (or peaks) stretching from Clough Head in the north to Dollywaggon Pike in the south, collectively known as the “Helvellyn range”.

As mentioned previously there are numerous ascension routes but the most famous or infamous is the crossing of the legendary Striding Edge. This three hundred yard stretch of naked rock sends forth a precarious challenge to the walking community and each year some are drawn to it during the snow season when the passing is most treacherous. This mountain keeps the mountain rescue team at nearby Patterdale more occupied then all the others in the neighbouring area. Yet for those of us whom feed with caution the tales of the Edge the challenge remains realistic and achievable…and rounded off with the crossing the sister “Edge” of Swirall Edge leading to

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