Up the Pike (No, not that one!)

Well I have arrived at the conclusion that I need something at which I can launch myself in an attempt at finally getting into a more healthy shape … than the one which I currently possess.

I started going to the gym in March and have enjoyed it, I adamantly believe that the gym visits propelled me up the hill quicker in August during my mammoth Pendle Witch walks but afterwards the drive seemed to simply abandon me and the gym visits really have backed off!

Thus as per the first paragraph, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I once more need a target at which I can aim. In 2012 my first walk that was more than “’round the block” was Rivington Pike – and it was thoroughly enjoyable, in 2013 I shall aim to conquer another “Pike”…Scafell Pike. I have an associate via the Walking Forum who: A: Has done the “Pike” a number of times and B: is willing to put up with my rather lesser-paced approach to walking. In an ideal world there would be roughly four of us but two or three is also good. Did I mention the date? Sunday the third of February. I’m not naive, there will be more than a slight chill at that time of year but I am hopeful that the rain will hold off…although given the proximity to Borrowdale – England’s wettest locale; then I won’t be surprised if there is a soaking to be had.

Image courtesy of: http://www.wmrt.org.uk/the-easiest-way-up/the-easiest-way-up-scafell-pike/
As far as the route, well I have always fancied going up “The Pike” the same way as featured on the “Wainwright Walks” T.V. series, from Borrowdale – Seathwaite Farm via Grains Gill, but that makes for a ten mile return journey, in Winter (early February is still Winter) then there will be the added pressure of having to get back to the transport whilst we still have light…perhaps a better option will be to go from Wasdale Head car park which at a mere six miles cuts four miles off the Borrowdale route but is much more of a short sharp shock. I do admit to performing a double-take, several in fact when I saw this sight of the route, but then at 3,210 feet how on earth else would I get up it???

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