The Pike: Done :)

Dovecote Tower

Following on from the “Up the Pike” posting, and new for this year, I thought it only wise to write an informal report on my walk of 25/2/12. I had initially planned to arrive at Rivington at the alarmingly early time of 08:00! Common sense prevailed and I didn’t leave Southport until 9:45 to arrive at Rivington at roughly 10:45 – a far nicer time to start walking. I took a half litre bottle of spring water with me and decided to leave both my Roast Chicken Salad sandwiches and the packet of sugar-free polo’s in the car for my return.

I did get off to a rather brisk start and was at the junction of the “bumpy” lanes for 11:00 the realisation of which made me take my virtual foot off the gas pedal and slow down the tempo a bit. The weather was lovely, neither too warm or cold enough to chill. I was surprised by how many other people were out and about, over the entire walk I estimated that I had seen something like one hundred individuals all of which (that were within normal speaking range) were greeted and responded – I said it was a “nice” day. I had left myself a message to take my camera in order to get a decent photograph to which I could refer when painting the view of the gates in front of the view of the pike at Belmont Road – I took both my normal digital camera and my phone’s camera. Once again the dedicated camera proved to give the superior quality photograph and that is the one above. Oddly enough the angle that I remembered the gates being in with regards to the aspect of the Pike was a good 45 maybe even as much as 60 degrees difference.

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