That’s it!…

I’m getting fit!

Those of whom know me or at least read this blog; will recall that for a couple of years now I have been attempting a fitness regime…with not even an hint of success!

Those of you that follow me on Facebook ,will have no doubt been held captivated by my most recent attempt at stopping smoking – I am on day 21 as from Thursday, 22nd of September.

As from this evening, Wednesday 21st of September I aim to mount a two-pronged attack on my apparent lack of fitness. Stopping smoking has already meant that oxygenated blood can flow around my body easier than if I had not quit the killer weed. This is prong number one.

As it is now easier to get oxygen around my body then I can then put it to use and do some exercises. Although at first the exercises shall be light and just enough to get me a bit breathless I shall also aim to increase my muscle mass somewhat as this will then mean that when cardiovascular-exercising I will burn more calories in the same amount of time as I would do if I had not increased muscle mass. I am fully aware of how complicated that reads but essentially this will be prong number two!

So, I shall weigh myself tonight pre-exercise and hopefully with a more healthy diet and up to three visits per weak to the gymnasium; in a month’s time I should be the ten pounds lighter that I want to be for November:)

As always, I’ll keep you all updated.

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