So macho…not

Yesterday I attempted a walk with the Southport Ramblers at Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

The walk had not been subject to reconnaissance and as such the initial massive ascent had not been mentioned – just a bit of a climb. After something like a quarter of a mile my right shin muscles were beginning to burn, after half a mile they were really hurting and after probably one mile I had to withdraw from the walk. This was a direct result of a failure to warm up before the walk. We had all been sat on a coach for the best side of three hours except for a twenty minute spell where we sat drinking McDonalds coffee.

As a result of my withdrawal I was faced with the dilemma of either waiting back at Holmfirth for the rest of the walkers to return and then feel as miserable as sin as they would recant tales from the trek, or, make my way back home via Bus to Huddersfield, train to Bolton via Manchester and then car ride to Southport when Christine picked me up.

I do intend to walk with the Ramblers again, I cannot guarantee that it will be with Southport and I am sure that it will not be before I have lost a lot of weight as this is obviously a contributing factor in my Holmfirth failure. It is a shame as I really wanted to go to Coniston next month but I cannot find it within me to undertake a “C” walk (usually 6 miles in length with not much in the way of ascensions). I did not anticipate category “B” walks being so difficult, but, given the pace at which the silly male walk leaders have decided to inflict upon Southport Group’s walkers then I feel that this will remain out of reach…for now!

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