Mist Over Pendle

Well having read the book last summer, it may soon be time to experience the event; as I did have a walk planned for this Friday – the thirteenth!

The weather forecast for the Clitheroe area for Friday is looking appalling with both a.m and p.m. set to have showers. With September becoming nearer on a day-by-day basis I really don’t want to fall into the habit of “calling off” walks owing to inclement conditions. So I’ll have to go in order to practice having my spirits totally squashed by rain as happened last year on the three peaks walk itself.

Okay, there were more reasons as to why I didn’t complete last year’s walk other than the weather: poor physical condition, poor clothing choices, the astounding speed at which my colleagues bounded up Pen-y-ghent! Take your pick! My walks this year put me in a better stance, their distance and in the case of that shocking climb up the north side of Winter Hill, the terrain will (I’m sure) better prepare me for similar conditions in September. Nothing other than experience will prepare me for inclement weather. As I have already stated…I have to go…on Friday.

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