Where to walk on April 29th

The Royal Wedding will be on April 29th and this conflicts with my basic desire to never ever watch such an event – it will be on all the main T.V. channels all day long and this innevitbly forces me out of the house. Not that I have anything against HRH and Kate Middleton but I’ve never met them – more than likely I never will and most weddings are a bit of a boring affair anyway!

This leads me in (rather clumsily) to the reason behind this post: I am in a delightful quandary of not really knowing where to go for a walk that day. I could go back to lovely old Pendle Hill again and perhaps explore the lesser summits of Barley and Ogden hills along with Stang Moor Top.

I could drive a long way over to North Yorkshire and either do Pen-y-ghent on its own or the much fabled Ribblehead – Chapel le Dale route taking in the summits of Park Fell, Simon Fell, Ingleborough and Whernside.

I could aim local(ish) and get covered in mud, peat and dank water on various stretches of moorland doing the mammoth walk that goes over Rivington Pike, Crooked Edge Hill(two lads), Winter Hill and over to Great Hill and back again.

Another candidate is the wonderful stroll up, across and over Saddle Fell, Wolf Fell, Fair Snape Fell and Parlick – it really is that good!

Or as a last alternative, you could advise me! I would have to stipulate though that it has to be within 60 miles radius of Southport and anyone that suggests the Peak District will have their IP Address blocked!

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